Our producer visiting “cinemart Rotterdam” “iffr” section- Art:Film

While the team here in Ludwigsburg is working on the content of “Paris, you got me” our scenic producer Ann-Katrin Boberg is now in Rotterdam visiting  “cinemart Rotterdam” “iffr” section “Art:Film” – an international platform bound by a common mission to facilitate meetings between professionals working with art and film.
She will also present our project and we are excited about her news coming back.
Check more about “Art:Film” here

To make use of the cinema as a form of art isn’t anything ununsual, many well-known artists of modern art have taken care of this kind of mediation. But to accomplish such films as coproductions among galeries, institutions for art and firms of production has become a market which must be developed additionally – „Paris, you got me“ can be considered as a good example for it.
By means of real setting, painting, bodypainting, film and tricks of animated stunts even by projection and compositing we want to create illusions – imaginations that seem to be like witchcraft to the spectator.

What do you think about ART Films? We want to hear your opinion / experience you already made with this kind of mediation -> contact us

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