Filmography DirectorJulie Boehm

Julie Boehm (Story, Director)
*1987 in Traunstein/Obb.
2013-18 Filmakademie Baden Württemberg “Animation”

2018 Shortfilm „PARIS YOU GOT ME“
Story/ Director/ Animation: Julie Boehm

2017 Danceshow „ELEMENTAL“ für die FMX2017 (Tanzshowvideo, 5´)
Story/ Director / Choreography/ Projection Visuals/ Editor: Julie Boehm

2016 ITFS-Trailer „ELEMENTAL“ (Werbespot, 1´) Director: Adrian Meyer;
Choreographie/ Storyboard/ Casting: Julie Boehm

2015 „BLACK WIDOW“ (Spec Spot, 2´´)
Story/ Director/ Choreographie/ Animation & VFX/ Editor: Julie Boehm

2014 „JAB-CAMOUFLAGE“ (Advertising, 1´)
Story/ Dancer / Production Design: Julie Boehm

2014 „RUED1971“ (Shortfilm, 8´)
Story/ Regie/ Production Design/ Editor/ Animation & VFX: Julie Boehm

2011 „DAS MANUSKRIPT“ (Szen.Kurzfilm, 8´)
Story/ Director/ Production Design/ Editor/ Animation: Julie Boehm



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