Producers Note – Aleksandra Todorovic

PYGM-team-5webAleksandra Todorovic is an Animation & Effects Producer , who is studying at the
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg since 2014.
Everything started after her school years with the production of scenic films until she specialized in Animation and VFX during project studies.

Producers Statement
Two dancers, different art epoches combined with illusions through animation and VFX elements and one huge team who made this journey happening, this is ‘Paris, you got me’ – a dance short film telling it’s story without using words, just through movements, body language and acting.
To be exact we´re telling the story of Ksenia, a girl who adores a particular pair of red shoes which are to expensive for her. Through the street artist George she gets a chance to go on a magical ride across different art epoches like Expressionism, Cubism and Impressionism. During this ride she learns to dance with the mysterious red shoes, which she suddenly happens to wear.
What could be more exciting for a scenic producer who recently decided to specialize in animation and VFX to get the opportunity to produce a short film like ‘Paris, you got me’, in which all parts of her own education can be applied. It started with coordinating a huge team, to make the shooting happen, this was followed by the long post production period and the processing. At the ‘Animationsinstitut’ we have the opportunity to mix these various forms of production, making it possible to create such a project at all, where life action meets analog and digital animation as well as VFX

Nearly everyone of our audience knows different dance films which are very popular at the moment e.g. “La la Land”. But with ‘Paris, you got me’ we wanted to create a new kind of life action short film with the focus on different art styles, which act like a red string through the whole film.
Nevertheless we didn’t want to miss telling a story with a message, since that would result in “just” a film with nice visuals. Our project combines work of so many different artists like life action filmmakers, dancers, illusion painters and VFX/animation artists, which makes the whole process an amazing journey.
The story of ‘Paris, you got me’ shows the character development of our main protagonist Ksenia in a way which is very important these days in our society. She emancipates herself in the film with George just having the role of her “teacher” and in the end Ksenia goes her own way to follow her dreams.
On one hand the film looks fantastic, on the other hand it also has a message behind all the appealing visuals – no one should ever give up on his or her own pursuit of felicity!

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