Official Selection‘ , ISFVF 17th International Student Film and Video Festival, Beijing (China)

We are so happy to be part of “The 17th international student film and video festival” (ISFVF)

Description of the festival about this years submissions:

From May 4 to August 15, in over 100 days and nights, they received a total of 1,553 entries from 62 countries and regions. As many as 842 foreign films from 61 countries and regions have been registered. Meanwhile, A total of 711 domestic films have been registered, covering many colleges and universities across the country. Among them, student directors from 31 countries along the route of “One Belt And One Road” signed up enthusiastically and participated in as many as 270 films!

The terrific signed up works in 17th ISFVF are as numerous as the stars on a summer night. After the strict selection of the preliminary examination committee composed of professional teachers from Beijing film academy, there are 83 films selected for the main competition exhibition unit. The shortlisted works will be secreened and presented in Beijing film academy (BFA) from 21rst to 28th, October.

They are looking forward to these excellent films and videos with creation, innovation and beauty of our world!

Country Film Time Category School
Argentina Two shots 10 Fiction UCINE
Armenia Trigger 20 Fiction Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography
Australia Tasmanian Ghost Town Project 17 Documentary GFS
Bulgaria GOTCHA! 21 Fiction NATFA
Canada GUION 21 Fiction Ryerson University
China Falling Snow 30 Fiction BFA
On the land we lament 30 Fiction BFA
In the Middle of Blue 26 Fiction BFA
River of Oedipus 20 Fiction BFA
The wound is the place where the light enters you 30 Documentary BFA
Growing Blue 6 Animation BFA
Dongdongqiang 5 Animation BFA
The Munck 30 Fiction Beijing Film Acadamy Modern Creative Media Collge
The laughing carnival 6 Animation Beihang University
Frozen Heart 14 Fiction Chongqing University
Mom&Q 24 Fiction Guangxi Normal University
The Notepad 19 Fiction Jilin University of Arts
Frost 16 Documentary Shanghai Normal University
Flurry 3 Animation Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts
Simawu’s Happiness 22 Documentary Xinjiang Arts University
Going Home 28 Fiction CUC
Green Worm 30 Fiction CAD
Hong Kong Landing 28 Fiction HKAPA
China Magnet Man 18 Fiction The Hong Kong Design Institute
Lost In Found 4 Animation HKBU
Taiwan China The Mosquito Patch 23 Fiction Taipei National University of the Arts
Safety First 24 Fiction Shih Hsin University
Homeless 21 Fiction I-Shou University
Lost Control 6 Animation Tainan National University of the Arts
Fisso 9 Animation Shih Chien University
Czechia Nadya 10 Fiction FAMU
Republic The Can 14 Documentary FAMU
Denmark Games We Play 10 Fiction EFC
Bacchus 5 Animation VIA University College-The Animation Workshop
France Kick Tac 24 Fiction The University of Picardy Jules Verne
Clear Sky 21 Fiction La Fémis
Mehua 5 Animation Gobelins
Parfum Fraise 7 Animation Gobelins
No Gravity 8 Animation Supinfocom Rubika
Germany Morale 14 Fiction HMS
Sober 13 Fiction HMS
Royal Affairs 15 Fiction ifs
A blink of an eye 4 Animation FABW
Paris you got me 9 others FABW
Hungary Hide and seek 15 Fiction SzFE
India EKAANT 26 Fiction FTII
Iran BLUE SKY,CLEAN EARTH 11 Fiction Tehran University of Art
Israel In His Place 24 Fiction TAU
Ten Bell Tolls 25 Fiction TAU
The Inner Side 15 Fiction JSFS
ROUND 2 27 Fiction MAALE
Italy NESSUN DORMA 20 Fiction CSC
Our Blood 20 Fiction CSC
Daughterland 15 Fiction MCSC
Japan Witdom tooth no return 30 Fiction TUA
Kyrgyzstan & Heritage 16 Documentary Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University
Lebanon Falling Light 16 Fiction Antonine University
Mexico The sweetness of life 12 Fiction CCC
Incarnation 14 Fiction CCC
The Canadian 13 Documentary CUEC
Netherlands SIRENE 27 Fiction NFA
Poland The Rat 12 Fiction Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia
Nothing New Under the Sun 25 Fiction Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia
Russia HAND 24 Fiction Moscow Film School
PLANETARY ALIGNMENT 28 Fiction Moscow Film School
FAITH 16 Fiction VKSR
Lemonade Joe 17 Fiction VGIK
Singapore Life In The Void 11 Documentary NP
Slovakia Idiot 13 Fiction VŠMU
Slovenia Shoemaker 15 Fiction AGRFT
Spain ZACARIAS 13 Fiction ECAM
United Kingdom With All The Will In The World 12 Documentary UCA
Cabin Pressure 4 Animation NFTS
United States jiejie 16 Fiction AFI
I Heard the Flowers Blooming When I Was Eighty 27 Fiction Academy of Art University
Aamir 17 Fiction NYU
Faith 30 Fiction Emerson College
Mammoth 23 Fiction USC
7/8ths of the Way There 27 Documentary USC
MIRA 9 others USC

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