Official Selection FICTION SHORT FILM CATEGORY at ArqFilmFest

Santiago de Chile, October 2018.- Between October 25th and 28th, the fourth edition of the Santiago Film Festival Architecture / ArqFilmFest, will be held in different venues of Lastarria neighborhood, including the Gabriela Mistral Center GAM, the Museum of Visual Arts MAVI, the ICTUS Theater, Alameda Art Center and Casa O Lastarria.

Part of the programming of ths event will include 34 films selected to participate in the last stage of the international competition “The City is …”, which includes short films and feature films whose central theme is the city, the urban environment and the architecture of buildings or cities, and that is divided in the categories such as documentary, fiction, experimental and architecture record. The festival will award a special mention to “Best Chilean Short Film” and “Best Chilean Film.”

The films selected focus on topics such as architecture record of buildings (Innovation Center, Municipal High School) and cities (Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro), processes of urban change, in some experimental cases (Crimée Encantada, Promenade) and crossroads between film and art installation (Luna). There are also new and old topics such as sustainability (Iris), migration (Complete dream), heritage (Matta Viel), home (Casa Antúnez), and community (La Desaparición de Robin Hood).

-> check out their website with all official selections

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