Opening Ceremony and Interview at the Red Carpet CSFF

Here is a interview of director Julie Boehm at the red carpet:

Your short film’s name Paris You Got Me may make people think you’re a French, but actually you’re a German. Why do you choose Paris rather than a place in Germany as the background of your short film?

I am In love with french art history.

The french painters showed for the first time of european art history that creating art is all about imagination.

The impressionists only painted what they saw in that special moment.

It was kind of an emancipation from the real world.

Art as the power of imagination.

‚Paris you got me‘ is about finding your own artistic way expressing and creating yourself –

You’re a crossover artist and your works contain elements such as color-painting, music, dancing and 3D. So, these elements are created by you? How long did they take you to produce?

The whole production took 1,5 years.

But it’s spirit is a cross-over of my past 10 years of studies in art.

From dancing and classic arts to animation and film.

We had a great team of strong “head ofs” bringing in additional ideas, so as a director you also have to be open with your concept.

The DoP, Production Designer, VFX Supervisior and me – we met almost every week before the shooting.

We are nominated for ‚Best VFX‘ – and this aspect was also the heart of the whole production, keeping it all together.

Everything was planned right from the beginning from concepts, storyboarding, animatic, rehearsals, shooting to the post production.

Since it is my graduation film I was involved in all challenges but I also had a strong team to make it all possible!

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