“Best Visual/ Special Effects” and “Best Overall Sound” at Okotoks Film Festival

Yesterday we received a very warm and detailed feedback from our screening at the
Okotoks Film Festival in Canada Afternoon Shorts #1
Screening: Saturday, June 1 at 2:00pm
I want to share you the heartful letter of Festival Director Katie Fournell:

Hello Julie,
Thank you so much for allowing us to shoe Paris You Got Me at the festival this year.” We had an amazingly vocal audience and we heard a lot of ooo’s and aaa’s as your film played.
I am also thrilled to announce the results from the Juries of the two awards you were nominated for: Best Visual/Special Effects and Best Overall Sound.
You were successful with both Juries and have been awarded the certificate on BOTH categories.

Best Overall Sound: 
Special mentioning our Film-Musician Marius Kirsten and Sound Designer Tobias Scherer

Best Visual/Special Effects:
Special mentioning our VFX Supervisor Marc Zimmermann and VFX Animator Alekesej Skrypnik

website_okotoks filmprogram

Screening Schedule


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