„Best Editing“ & „Young Choice Award“ at PuntodiVistaFilmFestival

Great news from Italy: Yesterday we won „Best Editing“ & „Young Choice Award“ PuntodiVistaFilmFestival in Teatro Adriano in Cagliari (Italy) 20 students voted for our film for the „Young Choice Award“. Funny comment from our editor Tobias Wilhelmer: „Finally the drummer of the band was honored“ : „Paris rocks around the globe“! Some pictures of the winners with producer Ann-Katrin Boberg who represented the team at the … „Best Editing“ & „Young Choice Award“ at PuntodiVistaFilmFestival weiterlesen

Deutsche Premiere auf den Hofer Filmtagen

Nächste Woche feiern wir unsere deutsche Premiere bei den „Hofer Filmtagen“!  Producer Aleksandra Todorovic und Ann-Katrin Boberg sowie Regisseurin Julie Boehm werden ebenso vor Ort sein! Wir freuen uns schon drauf euch dort begrüßen zu können! Unsere Vorstellungen in den verschiedenen Kinos in Hof sind: DI – 23.Oktober 2018| 19:30 Uhr | Central DI – 23.Oktober 2018| 20:15 Uhr | Scala MI – 24.Oktober 2018| … Deutsche Premiere auf den Hofer Filmtagen weiterlesen

7 Nominations at ‚Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival‘

We got 7 Nominations at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival for BEST ACTOR Parkhatskaya Ksenia Liam Michael Scullion BEST DIRECTOR Julie Boehm BEST SOUND/MUSIC Marius Kirsten Tobias Scherer Luis Schoeffend BEST CREATIVE MAKEUP: Elisabeth Harms Julie Boehm BEST PICTURE & BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Domi Rox BEST ARTDIRECTION Marc Zimmermann , Julie Boehm, Marian Korenika, Domi Rox and my amazing team on set & postpro , mentors, … 7 Nominations at ‚Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival‘ weiterlesen

„Best Dance Film“ & „Best Director“ @ „Paris Art and Movie Awards“

What a night at the Paris Art and Movie Awards! PARIS YOU GOT ME won  ,Best Dance Film‘ and ‚Best Director‘ thanks to the Festival Organisators, our amazing team and everyone who celebrated yesterday evening with us! Here are some impressions taken by our photographer Bertrand Orsal Our lovely actors Ksenka Parkhastkaya and Liam Scullion at the Premiere of our Film in Paris ‚Paris Art … „Best Dance Film“ & „Best Director“ @ „Paris Art and Movie Awards“ weiterlesen

Producers Note – Aleksandra Todorovic

Aleksandra Todorovic is an Animation & Effects Producer , who is studying at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg since 2014. Everything started after her school years with the production of scenic films until she specialized in Animation and VFX during project studies. Producers Statement Two dancers, different art epoches combined with illusions through animation and VFX elements and one huge team who made this journey happening, this is ‘Paris, you got me’ – … Producers Note – Aleksandra Todorovic weiterlesen

Press Kit online

As we are getting ready for our premiere in Paris this weekend we finally finished collecting our press kit So, check it out to get more informations about the film: PRESS KIT -> all material Press Kit online weiterlesen

4 Nominations at Paris Art and Movie Awards – World Premier

this is just a „wow- start“ for our film „Paris you got me“ got nominated for our World Premiere in France Nominated for: best DIRECTOR  – Julie Boehm best DANCE  – Ksenia Parkhatskaya & Liam Scullion best STUDENT FILM – Animationsinstitut Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg best PRODUCER – Aleksandra Todorovic & Ann-Katrin Boberg http://parisartandmovieawards.com/2018/06/01/paris-you-got-me/ loving their spirit: Our festival celebrates independent filmmakers, from all over the world. … 4 Nominations at Paris Art and Movie Awards – World Premier weiterlesen

Makingof of the film production

Makingof of the film production „Paris you got me“ Credits: Director, Story: Julie Boehm Cinematography: Dominik Moos Producers: Aleksandra Todorovic , Ann-Katrin Boberg VFX Supervisor and Lead Artist: Marc Zimmermann VFX Artist: Aleksej Skrypnik 2D Animation: Julie Boehm, Jessica Drechsler, Jeanne Laureau VFX Producer: Toufik Abdedaim Editor (Film): Tobias Wilhelmer Editor (Makingof): Julie Boehm Production Design: Marian Korenika Music: Halogen – Length & Brecht Synaecide Remix … Makingof of the film production weiterlesen

‚Paris you got me‘ presentation about the production at the Fmx 2018

At the FMX 2018, students of the animation institute of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg gave insights into their projects as part of the presentation series „Filmakademie Projects“. For our Project ‚Paris you got me‘ our producer Aleksandra Todorovic represented the team. Here you can watch the recorded video of the lifestream — Auf der FMX 2018 gaben Studierende des Animationsinstituts der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg im Rahmen der … ‚Paris you got me‘ presentation about the production at the Fmx 2018 weiterlesen