Oxford International Short Film Festival
Sec 40 Paris ‘I got you’ ‘you got me’ and ‘we got you’ thank you so much! Happy for this warm feedback

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Saturday 19th of october , 11.00am-12.30pm we will be part of SPECTACULAR STUDENT SHORTS at Satisfied Eye International Film Festival

20minmax International Shortfilm Festival Ingolstadt

Donaukurier 31.03.2019-Anja Witzke
Donaukurier 31.03.2019-Anja Witzke

EN “Paris you got me” by Julie Böhm, pays homage to fantasy in its grandiose colorfulness. Because here the protagonist dives into the imagery of a street painter – and dances in the episode through magical Mary Poppins worlds and a breathtaking art universe.

DE “Paris you got me” von Julie Böhm wiederum huldigt in seiner grandiosen Farbigkeit der Fantasie. Denn hier taucht die Protagonistin in die Bildwelten eines Straßenmalers ein – und tanzt sich in der Folge durch zauberhafte Mary-Poppins-Welten und ein atemberaubendes Kunstuniversum. (Anja Witzke)

Oxford International Short Film Festival 

Oxford Film Festival review

Thank you Simon Dillon Books for the nice review!

Paris You Got Me
– This a delightful variation on a couple of memorable set pieces from Mary Poppins (the chalk paintings and the chimney sweeps) is also a unique and charming musical romance in its own right. Boasting fine chemistry and dancing from leads Ksenia Parkhatskaya and Liam Michael Scullion, with technically assured direction from Julie Boehm, along with some vivid animation, it’s a joy to watch. There is even a slightly surreal German Expressionist sequence near the finale, which for a moment made me wonder if the film was about to veer into Dr Caligari territory.

review speechless SCR
29.03 – 30.03.19 „Official Selection“ at „Speechless Film Festival“ Minnesota, US
“A delightful mixture of expert dance, sound design, and editing.” ~Andy Overn (judge)

phenomenal filmfestival review„Official Selection“ Phenomenal Film Festival in Manila, (Philippines)

Spectacular! Awesome presentation, bravo! The film “Paris You Got Me” struck all the musicals I watched. I was taken by very good actors Ksenia Parkhatskaya and Liam Scullion. I am proud of their talent for dancing with interpretive dance. Moreover the concept of the whole movie is unmatched, engaging, and creative. I was very fascinated by the use of 3D art and special effects. This is a movie that can be compared to Walt Disney shows. I am sure of this extraordinary movie created by director Julie Boehm.

Paris Art And Movie Awards: “Best Dance Short” – “Best Director”

“Paris You Got Me is visually and artistically amazing. It’s a living dream, a visual feast, an emotional ride, full of joy and so colorful. A lovely mix of modern and vintage aesthetics all in an dreamy movie.”

HIGHLIGHT : It is he first time a student film also is listed for best Director. It is also the first time a dance film is nominated for any other best category. The team of Paris You Got Me is making history at the PAMA Festival !


Punto Di Vista: “Best Editing” – “Young Choice Award”

Dream and fantasy come back to life. The assembly, well done, supported by a sought after photograph, helps to merge the mixture of techniques, winking in the rain, to Gene Kelly. 





Bernd Hentschel (Photographer for Dance)

Ein herausragender Film – Bravo!

An outstanding movie – Bravo!