Team Presentation: Ingenious Digital Artist MARC ZIMMERMANN

Step by step we will introduce you our great team members: We start with our ingenious Digital Artist MARC ZIMMERMANN Marc Zimmermann is a digital artist from Dresden (Germany) with a passion for visual effects, digital environments and matte painting. Besides working as a freelancer for film and advertising he consistently creates personal projects that use landscapes and environments to tell stories and provoke emotions. … Continue reading Team Presentation: Ingenious Digital Artist MARC ZIMMERMANN

Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann

Today we present you our genious VFX expert¬†Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann. He is working internationally as a freelance digital artist. This is his diplom short full CG Film “Natural Attraction” ¬†A love act between sky and earth. Hope you will feel the passion and energy that went into the creation of his piece. Best enjoyed in max. quality and a dark room. You can also … Continue reading Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann