Press Kit online

As we are getting ready for our premiere in Paris this weekend we finally finished collecting our press kit So, check it out to get more informations about the film: PRESS KIT -> all material Continue reading Press Kit online

Probe mit den Tänzern

Letzte Woche hatten wir eine sehr produktive Probe mit den Tänzern Ksenia Parkhatskaja und Liam Scullion, bei der wir die Choreographie durchgegangen sind sowie Schauspieltraining hatten. Vielen Dank an das tolle Team. Es hat wahnsinnig Spaß gemacht! Last week we had a very productive rehearsal with our dancers Ksenia Parkhatskaja and Liam Scullion for the choreography and actors training . Many thanx to the amazing … Continue reading Probe mit den Tänzern

Tobias Wilhelmer: EDITOR

Tobias Wilhelmer, born in 1986 in Innsbruck, is an Austrian editor currently studying “Montage” at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. He started editing music videos in 2009. From 2010 — 2014 he worked as director of photography, sound mixer and editor for the Austrian & German television. Since 2014 he is freelance editor and always looking for creative projects that he can put his effort into. selected … Continue reading Tobias Wilhelmer: EDITOR

TEAM: PowerWoman Producer Annka Boberg

Ann-Katrin Boberg is studying film production, with the specialization on series producing, at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, since 2014. Originally she was studying History of Art at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg and got her Bachelor of Arts in 2013. In between she lived in London and realized her first film project ACT I with the independent Production Company Dimensions Crew. She worked at the Odeon Film … Continue reading TEAM: PowerWoman Producer Annka Boberg

Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann

Today we present you our genious VFX expert Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann. He is working internationally as a freelance digital artist. This is his diplom short full CG Film “Natural Attraction”  A love act between sky and earth. Hope you will feel the passion and energy that went into the creation of his piece. Best enjoyed in max. quality and a dark room. You can also … Continue reading Digital Artist Marc Zimmermann